Buying Used Artificial Turf For Sports Field Installations

The Boys and Girls Club in Oceanside, CA recently needed new artificial turf for their sports facility. They excavated the old turf and gave away over 80,000 square feet of artificial grass to the general public. This caused quite a stir in the local community and the surrounding area. All of this commotion caused major traffic congestion as people tried to secure some of the free turf.

Trucks Picking Up Used Artificial TurfA week before the excavation, the news was spreading about the free give away. The turf was going to be given to anyone who had the means to haul it away. On that day dozens of trucks and trailers where lined up and ready to haul the turf. This caused all of the traffic to back up in the surrounding area. The turn out was great and it really shows how the used artificial turf industry is booming. This is also added to the awareness in water conservation in the middle of the California drought. It is now surprise that people where there early and waiting to get their hands on some of this sought after used artificial turf.

Plant Trees To Make Your Own Shade Structure

The warm summer months can be nice, but may get unbearable hot as well. One of the easiest and cost effective way to stay cool during the summer months is to plant trees. This is a natural way to cool the house from the sun. Plant shade trees in the yard. There are several different kinds of trees that you can plant to shade the house. Although, the area of the country that you live in should be a deciding factor.

One of the fastest growing shade tree is the Red Oak. The tree is a good choice because it grows fast compared to other trees and it provides great shade. If you surround your house with a few Red Oaks, over time they will provide significant protection against the hot heat of the sun.

When you decide what to plant you can do it a couple of different ways. First, you can go with saplings, which will take longer to grow into a full grown tree. This is the least expensive way to go. The second, is you can buy trees that have already been growing. This options is more expensive, but it will provide shade much sooner.

8 Quick Ways To Save Energy Today!

Energy costs are getting higher and higher all the time. One thing for sure is that we know that they will only keep going up over time. There an things that we can do to save energy. It is important to save even a few dollars because it adds up over time. Unfortunately, energy costs are always going to be there. Modern society needs energy sources to live on a day to day basis. The good news is that there are some very simple actions that can be taken to start saving right away. In fact, you will be able to see savings on your next bill.


1. Water Heater – Lower the water heater temperature setting. A water heater is always heating water so that it is available when you needed. The water heater loses heat from the exposure. Lowering the temperature at which the water is maintained at can help reduce the energy usage. Simply, lower the temperature to about 120 degrees and you will save a lot. Another money saving tip is to drain the water from the water heater every few months. By doing this you will remove sediments that build up and interfere with the energy efficiency.


2. Thermostat – Control the thermostat. There is now need to heat or cool a house when no one is there. It is a good idea to install a programmable thermostat and set it to a comfortable temperature. During the winter you want it to be programmed between 60-70 degrees and in the summer between 70-80 degrees. Every degree matters, so make sure you have on the lowest or highest setting possible.


3. Computers – Turn off all of your computers and monitors when you are using them. This will help to save energy.


4. Washing Clothes – Save energy by washing your clothes in cold water. This will save energy by not having to use the water in the water heater. Just by choosing to use cold water it can save in an excess of $60 a year.


5. Power Strips – Plug all of your appliances into a power strip. This includes computers, televisions, DVD players, Stereos, Cell phone chargers. This way they can be in standby mode.


6. Light Bulbs – Install energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs in your home. When purchasing light bulbs make sure to buy ones with the light-bulbEnergyStar label. A fluorescent bulb save on average $30 over the life of the light bulb. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you multiple that by all the bulbs you have at one time, it adds up.


7. Shower Head – Change out the old shower head. Older shower heads use 5 gallons of what a minute. New shower heads us half as much.


8. Filters – One of the quickest was to save energy is to simply change out the filters. Dirty filters and clogged filters reduce the energy efficiency of the units.

Money Saving Tips To Save